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United States
(Picture is not of me XD)
I lived, and I haven't died yet.
I don't just draw, I also write. I have a lot of stories in progress, and maybe someday I'll post one of them in sections on this site. We'll see.
I looooove music.
I loooove everything winged, so long as the wings are ANATOMICALLY CORRECT.
I draw people almost exclusively, but not quite. A teeny bit of scary animals and anthros and landscapes thrown in.
Aaand I write fantasy and sci-fi, mostly set in the modern world. Because I'm trying to make them all work in a timeline, some of the stories are actually in the future.
I have a mom and dad, three sisters and no brothers, but two brother-in-laws and one nephew (my two older sisters are twins and have already moved out, gone to college and gotten married.) My younger sister is :iconhollymask:
She's awesome and loves horses too much and you should check out her page. XD
That is all. Prepare for random philosophical/fangirly moments from my part of the internet.


Okay, it's been three whole days, and I have gotten a local record of zero notifications. Where is everybody??
The Place Far Away From Everywhere by Writing-and-Art55
The Place Far Away From Everywhere
Ohmygosh the quality is terrible isn't it? T.T Why do I draw such tiny detailed things when I KNOW this is going to happen Sans has seen some things 
This is a real place, believe it or not: Venezuela's Mount Roraima, surrounded by low-lying clouds. It's amazinggggg XD
So I have this secret wish for my stories: one day, the hapbringers will find a place in the world where humans NEVER go, and just stay there without ever having to worry about bad stuff. Of course, if I made that happen, there would be no more plot, so I gotta hold myself back and be content with just drawing it. Hence this artwork here.
So, from bottom to top, these are the Hapbringers in this picture:
And the only girl, their sister Mafdiy. (She died at eleven and is with them in spirit T.T)
This is what they'd do if they had no responsibilities: go out and explore the world's empty places, taking as much time as they wanted. As it is, they're part of a special security force in America, and have zero time to spare, but one can always hope, right? 
Someday I'll do actual ref pages for these boys, and maybe their sis too. Right now they're so pixelated, I'm kinda glad you can't fullscreen it^^;
Anywho, just thought I'd post this before bed, I really really enjoyed making it and I hope y'all like it too! Seeya!

(Done in Drawcast in about five/six hours.)
There is something in this world that 
those who cry will never see. 
It is so silent that you will never hear it unless you stop thinking of yourself 
and start listening as though you've never heard anything before.
Become a child again, smiling because something is new
or just because it is there at all.
He/she/it is calling to you. They/we are waiting.
And I say

Close up your flying mouth!

If you would have me see you true….

Stop all this angry talking

Belay the words of thorns

Open your eyes

A   N   D     L   I   S   T   E   N.

What shall I do (to make you understand)
I heard someone say that we are the generation of complainers. I don't know if it's true or not, but it made me think of this. There's so much we take for granted, you know? But think of all the troubles we'd have if they weren't there.  
Idk, take it how you like. Three cheers for speed-typing. ^^;
Deer Little Friend by Writing-and-Art55
Deer Little Friend
lol see what I did there? PAPYRUS! (Free To Use) 
So this is another deer-kid. He's the first one I invented. At some point I might do a twelve-year-old version, and a smol baby version too. ^^
He's pretty much a grown-up now, but mentally he's still kind of....fluffy around the edges. He's eager to please, friendly, dislikes solitude, and wishes he knew of other beings like him. (He grew up in another dimension, you see.) He's got blond hair because he's not a true deer-creature: he was transformed into one when he was younger. He kind of melded with his spirit animal, or something. Also, he was very messed up as a kid, and he's actually the villain for the first three quarters of one of my stories. More on that when/if I do the young version of his ref page.

Other than that....this is more of an actual ref page than the other two hooved creature pictures I did, just because he has a complex outfit and I couldn't resist. I understand y'all may not be able to do fullscreen mode, but hopefully my handwriting is still readable ^^;

Side note: His twelve-year-old self has weird markings on his chest and back. Those are a sign of his evil-ness. They are not on his adult or infant selves. Just so's ya knows. XD


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